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JOBS: Special Techniques To Get Your Dream Job Fast
HOME: Buy A Home With Little or No Money Down!
SAVINGS: Powerful Tips To Help Cut Your Grocery Bills
 In Half
CREDIT CARDS: Get A VISA / MASTERCARD With Almost NO Background Credit Check
CONTESTS:  Learn How To Win Thousands When You Enter Big-Jackpot Contests
HEALTH: Safeguard Yourself - Eat To Improve Your Chances For A Long & Healthy Life
STOCK MARKET: Special PRO Methods To Select
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SCHOOL: Activities To Help Your Child Get Prepared and Ready For School
And Loads Of More Amazingly Priceless Secrets ! …
These highly unusual, unique secrets are virtually unknown to most people, that you will soon find out really can WORK!  They have been verified by experts to insure accuracy. You can be confident they are workable, money-making and time-saving secrets that may help improve your finances, your health, and make your life all that much easier and more enjoyable!



Here’s Just A Small Sampling of What
You Will Receive …

  • OPPORTUNITIES: These Are 15 Of The Super Hottest NEW Money-Making Ideas …
  • BILLS: Legal Ways To Get The Bill Collectors Off Your Back
  • FIRST-AID: Helpful and Handy First-Ad Tips
  • INCOME: Take In Cash For Single Pages That You Photo-Copy
  • MONEY: How To Raise Cash In 24 Hours
  • MONEY: How To Make Big Money With Bumper Stickers
  • PHOTOS: Make A Handsome Income Every Week With Your Camera For Profit
  • INCOME: Generate A Fast Income With Your Car, Van or Pick-Up Truck
  • BUSINESS: How To Start Your Own House & Apartment Cleaning Service
  • PUBLICATIONS: Copywrite Any Publication For Pennies
  • CASH: Earn A Nice Income Just Reading Newpapers
  • MILLIONS: Set Up Your Own Million-Dollar Corporation In As Little As 4 Weeks
  • INSURANCE: 9 Ways To Cut Your Auto Insurance Costs
  • DOLLARS: Get Yourself Big Dollars – Almost Everyday …
  • WEALTH: How You Can Achieve Wealth The Easy Way
  • AIRLINES: The Best Ways To Fly Smart

AND Here’s Even More …
  • FRANCISES: The Important Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy Any Franchise.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS: How To Get FREE Subscriptions To
    Over 60 Hot Magazines
  • GARAGE SALES: Make Money Every Month With Garage Sales
  • EDUCATION: Graduate Equivalent – Get Your High-School Diploma
  • SKIN: How To Keep Your Skin Healthy
  • BUSINESS: Set Up Your Own In-House Advertising Agency For Maximum Profits
  • READING:Advice On Helping Your Child Learn To Read (early childhood to age 10)
  • MATH: Helpful Tips To Help Your Child Learn Math


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  • HOME BUSINESS: Make $ Money $ Without Leaving Home
  • SAVINGS: Techniques To Cut Your Electric Bill In Half
  • HOMES: Buy Your Dream Home Without A Credit Check
  • OPPORTUNITIES: The Ultimate Opportunity Guide
  • WEALTH: Overnight Wealth For The Lazy Person   
  • JOBS: Position Your Resume To Get A Better Job
  • SAFETY: How To Protect Your Personal Safety 
  • SMOKING: Tips On Beating The Smoking Habit
  • SWEEPSTAKES: Don’t Get Caught By Sweepstake Fraud
  • MONEY: Build An Excellent Income Buying & Selling
    Used Cars and Trucks
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Walking To Help Lose Weight
  • CLAIMS: How To File Claims To Receive Your Benefits
  • CREDIT: The Authoritative Guide To Credit Repair 
WAIT, There’s Still More …
  • DIET: Tips For A Positive Weight Loss Approach
  • CARS: Buy A Car With Poor or NO Credit
  • EDUCATION: Getting Your Child Ready For College
PLUS, If You Respond Within 10 Days You Will Receive These 12 Additional Secrets Absolutely FREE ! …

·       BIG DISCOUNTS: The Directory of Excess Merchandise

·       WINNING:The An Expert’s Guide To Casino Gaming

·       SURPLUS: The Directory of International Surplus for Imported & Exported Goods

·       MEMORY: Techniques To Improve Your Memory

·       WEBSITES: Expert Internet Manual

·       PROPERTY TAXES: Tips To Lower Your Property Taxes

·       REAL ESTATE: Sell Your Home For A Handsome Profit

·       MONEY: How To Make Big Money At Flea Markets

·       TV: Get Paid To Watch Your Favorite TV Shows

·       SHOW BIZ: How To Break Into TV, Movies & Theatre

·       MAIL ORDER: The Ultimate Mail-Order Business Guide

·       WRITING: Write Almost Anything From Home &
Get Paid Excellent Money To Do It!

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